I can't help but feel a great deal of hostility here. It's almost as if Konami are so angry at how well Kojima-san has done with Metal Gear that they've had to push him aside, boldly exclaiming how they can do it too. » 3/20/15 5:55am 3/20/15 5:55am

Mate, you are an actual, literal fuckwad. The only embarrassment here is yourself, so kindly fuck off so that we adults can engage in some real discourse. » 3/18/15 11:05am 3/18/15 11:05am

I made the clever clever choice of buying the 3DS XL as my first 3DS, so I never got to see the unjagginess of the original. I did this on purpose and not because I was poor! » 2/06/15 12:27pm 2/06/15 12:27pm

I haven't played this game but just going by the visuals alone, it looks as though a great deal of 'warmth' has been lost. The HD version just somehow looks very bare and devoid of character? » 1/23/15 12:42pm 1/23/15 12:42pm

The point is that you can't professionally express quotation marks in verbal speech, you blundering ignoramus. If you're trying to explain that somebody's new 3DS isn't a New 3DS even though it's a brand new 3DS, you can't straight up explain that their new 3DS isn't a new New 3DS without a stupid amount of back and… » 10/21/14 12:20pm 10/21/14 12:20pm

You need to return your review units? That's sad =( always had the impression that review units could be kept. Maybe it depends on the company? » 10/07/14 1:23am 10/07/14 1:23am

A Shoutout to SmartGlass and Second Screen Functionality

I love my PlayStation Vita to pieces. It goes with me everywhere. It takes me back to the good old days of gaming. It happily streams most of my most beloved games straight from my PS4. I've played Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Yakuza: Ishin on my toilet. » 9/28/14 4:28pm 9/28/14 4:28pm

Where Does Snake's Horse Appear From So Suddenly?

So naturally, as people do, I got myself into an argument about just where exactly Big Boss's horse comes from in the new 20 minute gameplay presentation first shown at TGS 2014. » 9/26/14 9:28am 9/26/14 9:28am