Sometimes hype can lead to celebration and an intense feeling of euphoria. Sometimes however hype can lead to crippling depression and crushed dreams. Mr. Oni has pertained to the second option in a display that simply states that... People might have been had.

Two days ago I wrote a guest editorial on David Hayter potentially returning to Metal Gear Solid V, as well as this strange Mr. Oni character and who he might be. Mr Oni appeared in a relatively low-key Youtube video stating cryptic clues as to who he is, and what his relationship is to Metal Gear Solid V.

Things do not look good from here on, out.

One hour ago, Mr. Oni over at Youtube Channel OnigawaraV posted a video titled "The Phantom Pain: Project Deception". Here it is:


What we can hear is a horrific take on David Hayter's iconic voice for Solid and Naked Snake, and as you can imagine the Youtube comments are generally unfavorable. Many are laughing the video off, but to others this is a serious matter. It seems that Mr. Oni is one rather devious troll after all.


What we can see is a new take on the hidden letters cut out of "The Phantom Pain" logo. As of yet, it's still unsolved. Here's the image:

So many still argue that this is simply another ploy - Another cog in the works of Kojima's hype machine. The video is after all called "Project Deception". What is "Project Deception" and is it a Kojima scheme or a troll's attempt at riling up an already tense fanbase? Why does the video end this time with "Vcame to" instead of "V has come to" like in the previous video and in the official trailer? Why is the video titled "The Phantom Pain" this time and not "MGSV" like last time?


And why did David Hayter change his Twitter picture to this image for half of yesterday?

(In regards to the image I noticed it personally yesterday but did not think to screencap it. My understanding is that previous pictures are cached but I could not find out how to fetch the evidence. Maybe one of you more tech-inclined guys can.)

Also worth noting is the phraseology used by Hayter earlier today when accused of messing the fans around:

As of now he still has yet to debunk any rumours revolving around Mr. Oni and the OnigawaraV Youtube Channel. It's now unclear on just how steeped in reality all of this is.


All I can say is that a lot of Metal Gear fans are being taken for a bumpy ride. At least we still have that proposed date of June 11th 2013 (more affectionately known as E3) to look forward to.

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